Thursday, December 1

Dr. Who and the Socially Inept

Did I tell you that our new pharmacist is working out like a dream? That he's very good at his job, excellent with our customers, and a very meticulous pharmacist - but that he's also funny, sarcastic, and a good person? No? Well he is. It's a huge relief after working with Someone Special.

Also, I should note that Somebody Special came in to finish up some things while Dr Who was working on his own, and totally freaked out on him. It was a mild sort of situation, Somebody Special usually freaks out on a much higher level, but it was enough for him to realize what it must have been like to work with her. He said that she's obviously very socially immature and doesn't have a clue how one is supposed to act in a public situation. Hahaha! Ha!

I believe the scene went something like this:

[Picture the new pharmacist (Dr. Who - as in Dr. Who Replaced Someone Special - for the purposes of this blog), minding his own business, being a pharmacist, doing pharmacy things behind the counter, Somebody approaches (she needs to sign some things and collect some belongings. Jon sees her approach, and meets her at the counter.]

Somebody: [placing hands firmly on counter] I'M SOMEBODY SPECIAL, and I'm here to (blahblah blah de blar)!

Dr Who: Oh, nice to meet you, I'm Jon, the new pharmacist.

Somebody: (paraphrasing here) I could give two shits. Give me the things I need to sign.

Dr Who: Oh. Um, here they are.

Somebody: [signs required things, sighing and blustering about while she does it - it's obviously a huge waste of her very precious time to come in and have to do this - and storms off without saying goodbye.]

Pretty much I think that's all that happened. So it was a mild Somebody Special day, but it was enough that he understands.

He also thinks I'm right in my psychoanalysis - no matter if she left voluntarily, she doesn't like to think of anyone ever being able to take her place, and therefore is an asshole to anyone who thinks they might be able to do "her" job. So she's bound to be pissy to anyone who thinks they can do it.

IE: She's pretty sure she's better than anyone at what she does, and she doesn't appreciate other people being able to keep up. She's bitter because no one else thinks she's as indespensible as she does. Pretty much.


Jess said...

Every one can be replaced.

I heard that come from the lips of my director (in a not-menacing way) when she was discussing her decision to take interviews elsewhere.

And I believe it. We all have to move on. Even if it hurts.

robbodobbo said...

funny; never thought this was one of those liquid jobs that anyone can just take over and learn the ropes. then again i've never wanted to be a pharmacist. though... i do love old people.

LostNotFound1980 said...

Well I am pleased as punch that the new RXist is doing well. Dr. Who. I miss that show. It was so whacked out.

It sucks really really sucks to be replaced. My replacement in TX was hired before I left. It still eats at me.

sunny said...

Jess: At my last job, one of my favorite RPh's looked me square in the eye and told me, "No one is indespensible." It sucks to hear that.

Buddy: Yeah, well.. it's not a job that you would necessarily be able to do after walking in off the streets, but Dr Who is walking in off the streets with at least seven years of schooling and three years of pharmacisting under his belt. And he's young and smart and picks things up pretty quickly.

Jess: I hate working at a new place where they loved the old person worse than I hate leaving. Does that make sense? When I worked at the vet clinic, there was one tech who c.o.u.l.d n.o.t s.t.o.p metntioning the old receptionist. As in, "Becky always did it this way" and "Becky always got those mailed out before noon, but that was just a source of pride for Becky, that doesn't mean you have to get them done before noon. Becky, Becky, Becky." I felt like Jan Brady. It wasn't pretty.

On the other hand, though, I'd rather be thought of like that when I leave than forgotten entirely. I'm selfish that way ;).

It never feels good, but I like to think that when I choose< to leave, I always try to be gracious to the person taking my place - after all, it's not thier fault!

Brown said...

how come the someone special link isn't working? Does Dr Who look like an actual Who? from Whoville? Or does he look more like Mark Consuelos or some other dude from a soap opera? Just curious. Oh, and I love you. Oh, and you should drive to Chicago and see me. I'll be here til Wednesday.

Brown said...

I bet Becky would come to Chicago.

sunny said...

Damn! I wish I could!

I bet she would. That Becky is really fantastic. Sigh.