Friday, December 23

Aaaand... We Have Christmas!

Bruce and I are notoriously weak. We are also practically heathens, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that we were very quick to talk each other into opening our gifts last night.

That's right, we're going straight to hell!

I'm not sure if you realize this, but people like us get a special hell. We're going to be spending eternity with a group of people who didn't show the proper respect for the birth of their savior by waiting until his birthday to lavish one another with presents. We're roasting for all of eternity with people who said, literally, "Aw, fuck it! I want my presents now!"

In any case, I've got some lovely things to show you. Turns out, we're pretty good at this whole 'presents' thing. Check this out:

That's the face of a happy guy who's just opened this:

And check out her face:

Ok, maybe that's more of a "Gee, I always wanted a vacuum," face. Witness:

Here she is trying to make peace with the vacuum. See how she carefully arranges her expression into one that isn't filled with rage? She even introduced it to the cat:

I think our subject is making excellent progress.


What? You don't believe me? Damn. Ok, ok. I got something other than a vacuum for Christmas...

Even Linus didn't believe me.

I need to work on my lying. What else have I been working on? Oh, how kind of you to take notice! You see, I finished my sock, and now I can take a picture of it!

Isn't it pretty? Since I'm finished with the broadripple one, I thought I should start a completely different pair - the pattern was really starting to get on my nerves, and as I've mentioned before, the color is so not me. I figure, after I'm done with this sock, I'll probably be sick of it, so I can start on the second sock for the first pair. That's me, always thinking. Here's another shot of the sock I've given up on taken a break from:

So I cast on my first toe-up socks, using Wendy's great pattern. It may seem like I'm jumping into things, what with only having completed one wearable sock ever before switching styles completely, but I'm really liking it. No toe to dread at the end - this should be great. Oh, and the yarn? It's much more my style. Check it out!

[Don't you just love how I can do that now? I sure do!]

Here's another shot. Completely gratuitous. I can do this now!


PS: Linus, when Uncle Daddy checks my blog, you'd better run before he sees this:


Coppermine said...

My girlfriend knit me socks for Xmas too... does it mean I'm going to hell if I say Xmas, like taking the Christ out of Christmas, even though the X specifically references the Greek etymology of the word Christos, which is, of course, Christ in English?

Anyway, I don't think Jesus will mind that you opened your presents early. After all, the presents were for HIM. But, if there is a hell, and you go, I'll see you there. Look me up.


Lisa said...

See you in hell, buddy!! Todd just couldn't wait to watch Heartbreak Ridge, so we brought home some Flamingo's, and sat up and watched it...TWO DAYS AGO!! I see you got Bruce Todd's computer desk for Christmas...that's funny.
Glad you didn't get a vaccuum.

robbodobbo said...

so you got him a lamp? i can't tell. i don't get it but i loved the blog. nice desk, camera, and vaccuum. love you so much, motion

LostNotFound1980 said...

Great sock! Looks like ya'll had a fun Christmas!! YAY!!