Tuesday, December 13

Dear Bruce,

I figured out where you are. Linus is going effing nuts.

I woke up at around 8:30 (probably heard you leave) and Linus was being a little bastard - jumping up on the bed just to bite me and then running away. I called out a few helpless "BRUCE"es, all the while wondering why you were up so early on a Sunday (I was positive it was Sunday), before I got up to look for you. I saw the office door was closed and didn't want to bother you, and so I went back to bed.

Linus kept on keeping on with his bastard self, however - I swear, he was specifically aiming to wake me up - and so I came into the computer room to look for you. I was really confused when I couldn't see you anywhere. Then it hit me - you must be gone for breakfast. My wonderful sweet husband went to get us breakfast on Sunday. This is why I married you. I went back to sleep.

A few seconds later, I woke up and realized it was Tuesday.


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Jess said...

Tuesday means there's only five more days until Sunday. :o)