Wednesday, December 14

Don't Faint on Me, But..

I cleaned the bathroom! I know, I know.. that goes against my "no housekeeping" rule, but you see, things have been a little different lately. For example, last Friday, B and I rearranged the living room - and man, it looks spiffy! For some magical mystery reason, moving the bookcase to the wall by the door and moving the couches to mirror-images of where they used to be has made our living room look inviting! It's a Festivus Miracle!

(The day before Halloween, Lisa and I both came down with a nasty, horrible, sore-throat-and-phlegm sort of cold. We were miserable and depressed, because we just knew we wouldn't be able to get as stumbly-drunk as we wanted to while not being able to breathe through our noses. Then, on Halloween morning (or, more precisely, Saturday Before Halloween Morning), we both woke up feeling just fine. When I went over to her house to get ready for the rowdy drunk, I proclaimed it a Halloween Miracle!)

Anyway, now that our apartment is looking like a place I might actually spend some time even if I weren't forced to by paying the rent and all, I decided to do a half-assed job cleaning the bathroom. You know, wipe the counters, clean the toilet, windex the mirror. (And then completely ignore the cat box and the floor.) You wouldn't believe the difference just the mirror made. Now I can see myself! (The downside, of course, is now I can see the grease stains on my tee-shirt.)

Now all I need to do (besides the litter box and floor, obviously) is take a used fabric softener sheet to the faucet. Because it makes them shiney. Did you know that? Did you? Try it, just rub it on there! It's another Festivus Miracle! And of course this helps with the Cardinal Rule of Cleaning, when all else fails, make the shiney things shinier. It brightens up the whole room, I swear. (It also helps if the floor isn't crunchy with cat litter, but that might only be a problem in this household.)


Jess said...

The cat box is in the guest bathroom for just that reason. I cannot handle cat litter crunchies on my clean feet in the morning. It is not just at your house, my dear, it's everywhere there be a cat.

LostNotFound1980 said...

Here, here to a job well done for you.