Thursday, December 29

Day From Hell: Part 824

And that's not the half of it.

My day was absolutely atrocious. No one was nice. I take that back - there were just enough nice people to let me know I wasn't in a nightmare. Otherwise, I might have thought I was having a dream about customer service hell.

Then our computers locked up. Whee!

It was awful.

Then I came home, settled in, and was finally getting my sense of humor back about the day, when I got sick. I couldn't quite believe it when on Christmas day at Terri's house, Bruce got sick in the space of five minutes, but now I have proof. My head, for example. Apparently, all of the fluids inside have lost the battle. All at once. And solidified.

Urgh. Blech. Snorfle.

This is bad.


Jess said...

Take some Nyquil and FEEL BETTER!

Lisa said...

I lost count on what day from hell I'm on. Sickness sucks. I threw up in Todd's dad's driveway on Christmas night. My first night back at a family function and I throw up. Merry Christmas.

B said...

The good thing is that it goes away after a few days...sort of. We'll have a laid back weekend and you'll have time to recover. :)

Sunny said...

I am so sorry! I hope you feel better!

allie said...

Feel better Sunny dear, and thanks for the purl lesson. Nicely done.