Wednesday, December 7

Why I Love My Husband

Not only do we look really good when we suck in our extra chins and pose for pictures we take by holding out the camera at arm's length, like this:

(PS: Remind me to highlight my hair, ok? Please?)

But he also looks good on his own, when he's taking his own picture:

He was way cute when he was a little boy:

And, if he continues to resemble his dad as he grows older, that'll be ok, too:

(.. at least that means he might grow out of wearing togas. )

He's a great friend to have:

And, to top it all off - he likes the Christmas present I made my brother so much, he told me, "You know, if you wanted, you should make me one like that. Only black." [I'd take a picture of the one I made Robby, but he sometimes reads this, and it's (sort of) a surprise.] Also, I bet he has no idea how happy that made me. That's what makes him so special. My wonderful darling. I love him so much.

PS: Sorry ladies, he's pretty much given up on the stripping:


MissBossyPants said...

Well, he is a doll, isn't he? I have seen the pictures of my husband's older male relatives and they all age quite well. Lucky for me. I got my husband one of those really geeky binary clocks that blinks the time. I hope he's not reading this now. :)

sunny said...

Yeah, he can be really really cute (especially when he wants something, or when he takes out the trash without suggestions ;). I'm really lucky in that I know pretty much exactly how B will age, because he's always looked almost identical to his dad - and his dad gives me a 20 year preview.

It blinks the time? How does that work? I'm intrigued!

Jess said...

The last picture cracked me up. As did the toga picture because I've seen it so many times before. It never gets old. Ever.

You landed yourself a keeper, lady. I'm glad he ended up with someone as wonderful you.

robbodobbo said...

he better not grow out of the toga party attitude! and it would have ruined the suprise. not that it's stopped us before.. cough cough super nintendo cough cough. the picture of us "suprised" is the best.

LostNotFound1980 said...

You know I think I always had a crush on B's dad. I think that is odd because I never had a crush on B. Hmm...

You know that Toga picture was taken in my basement. I was looking at it and I was like, that place looks familiar. Then it hit me... It looks familiar because I live there.

He is very lucky to have you. :-)

sunny said...

I LOVE that you had a crush on B's dad and he had a crush on your mom. Isn't there something just plain poetic about that? I mean, fucked up and hillarious, but it's got a certain melody, don't you think?