Friday, December 16

I Have a KnitKnackery for Trouble

I suppose that hour 1+ is when one should really give up on trying to contact a friend, but my trend goes toward attempts to contact said friend relentlessly until they either a)answer the phone already, b)send me an instant message of some sort, c)tell me they are no longer interested in my aquaintance, or d)pigs fly and donkeys sing musical numbers to rival my (very musical) little brother. I Never Give Up.

It doesn't help that we got a phone call inviting us out to Schultz and Dooley's (area karaoke bar) upon the friend's finishing up some things she had to do, only to get no phone call announcing the end of things she had to do. I'm in one of those states where I reconciled not going out by thinking, "At least Lisa said she'd be online, and now I'll be home to talk to her." Bah. I will, however, make her feel extra-guilty by telling everyone who reads this to please visit her blog and read it. And then please leave her some comments, so she feels popular. She deserves more readers than she has currently. (Does rearranging that last sentance make me anal? Was it even wrong in the first place to say, "than she currently has"? I never could figure out what a preposition was.)

In knitting knews (and I know you were all waiting with bated breath for this one), I've turned the heel and finished the decreases for the foot on a sock. I can show you a picture of the sock, but it won't look anything like the sock I've been knitting, because I still don't have a digital camera (hint hint *coughMERRYCHRISTMASSARAH,HAVEADIGITALCAMERAcough* hint). It's a solid color, unlike any of the other pictures I've been able to find online. Picture this:

In a cranberry/mulberry color. It's really not my sort of color, and I'm pretty sure that's why I've cast on two other projects while slowly plodding away at this one. Here's a picture of the color:

As you can see, really not quite my thing. But! Someone else will love it. And maybe if they're done in time, I can gift them away next Christmas. Is it wrong to give away your first pair of functional socks? (The one on the project page is unacceptable, I've decided. Much too small for human feet. Someone could have pointed that out.. but I don't blame you.)
I've given up on knitting anything else for IT (see The Yarn Harlot's blog for further explanation of IT), because the thrill of knitting for family diminishes tenfold when there's a timeline and a huge grinning skeleton of a deadline looking you square in the eyes and taunting you. The Christmas Knitting, it is not to be taken lightly. The Christmas Knitting, it is much easier to back out of when there is nothing promised. The Christmas Knitting, (the one thing I did promise and actually complete), it is needing to be mailed out before the recipient takes off on a crazy european adventure later this month.

So! What have you been up to?


HappyFunBall said...

I am on stripe 3 of the Hogwarts scarf task of the Christmas Knitting Tournament of Champions. I am able to finish one stripe per 2 movies. I have 16-1/2 stripes to go. I'm totally screwed.

HappyFunBall said...

And I see no further explanation of IT. You're just trying to make me crazy, aren't you? Well, TOO LATE. (But I would like to know what IT is, though.)

sunny said...

Fine, fine. I have to do everything for your people, don't I? (Actually, as it turns out, she only mentioned IT as being IT one time earlier in the month. I've been reading other peoples' knitting blogs a lot, and as she's the queen of knitting blogs, everyone takes her word as gold - and they should! - and parrots it into the bloggersphere over and over again. I'm sorry for leading you to believe she talks of IT all the time. That was probably futile. But she's funny! Isn't she funny?)

Cal the Wonderdog said...

Nice stuff there! The alpha female in my pack isn't doing the usual felted socks (phew! thought she was going to knit me one of those or a hat)

So a break from knitting here as construction continues on this house. I'm getting used to the banging now.

Go Sunny! and your picture looks good too.


sunny said...

Hey Cal!

I just love hearing about humans who knit (actually, I'd love it even more to hear about a dog that knits, but I digress).

Did she show you this? Be afraid, Cal, be very afraid. :)

LostNotFound1980 said...