Friday, February 17

Angry Pants

Anyone who's a Dooce fan, and in the mood for a good cry, and who hasn't seen this entry yet, by gods, head right on over.

My Darling Husband is not at home. He "stopped by" to "talk to Mac" right after work. Presumably that means he went over to Mac's around 6:00PM. He said before he went over there that he would most likely be back before Smallville (for any of you who are not complete geeks, that would be 7:00PM CST). It is now AFTER Smallville. Almost 3 hours after Smallville, which makes him almost 4 hours late. But who is counting? Not I!

Besides, I left a note for him on the door, which will may or may not let him know how I am feeling. What do you think?

Edited to Add: Today is the next morning. I wasn't able to post this last night, because our stupid apartment building's wireless went out and I wasn't able to get online. Bruce came home as I was writing the message, and now I feel bad for making him feel bad. Pooh. But why waste a whole post?

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