Monday, February 20

Blue & Mirrored (Part 1)

Last week, I went to Hobby Lobby for some... hell, I can't think of a viable reason for going. I wanted to buy some stuff, ok? So I went, and I bought myself some stuff. It was great.

I got some beads for some yarning project(s) - in a light green and a light blue. I think they're glass, and they will look fantastic. What project(s), you ask? Maybe Hanging Garden? Maybe Odessa? Perhaps gasp both? Stay tuned!

I also picked up a neat little mosaic kit. I've always loved mosaics and wanted to try them out, and what better way than with a kit? I bought the one for coasters. Not that I don't love the coasters Bruce gets from the beer factories, what with the cardboard and the nifty slogans, but I thought these could be our "company" coasters. You know, for fancy people.

I got some small square mirrored tiles as well. Because I can't just live with what people give me, I've got to spend four extra dollars on modifications, make sure it looks a little teensy bit worse than what they originally planned for, and then spend the life of the object telling people that, "I made it."

In this case, though, I think it's going to turn out well. See?

This is before the glue came into the process. I was just trying to see if they would look good at all. They did, so I started gluing pieces to the coasters - I put coats of glue on both the coaster and on the piece I wanted to secure, because that's what the instructions said. However, I believe the reason the instructions said that was because they expected me to paint the whole coaster with glue, then paint the individual pieces with glue, and then put them on, one by one.

My method involved finding what I believed was the best pattern and used up the most of the blue tiles without wasting any and then taking off the tiles one at a time, putting glue on the tiny section of coaster they would be on, putting glue on the back of the piece, and then trying to somehow maneuver the tiny sliver of blue tile into the equally tiny sliver of space between previously-glued blue tile, while trying not to disturb the other previously-glued blue tile, and also trying to get it into the exact position I had it in when it was unglued.

I'm sick, aren't I? In my mind, this was an hour(!) well-spent.

Coming soon, grout! Mmmm! Bet you can't wait!


susan said...

Nice! I like mosaics. :) When I was in college, my roommate and I bought a little end table with the grand ambition to do a sweet mosaic pattern on the top. Alas...we never got around to it. :( Someday...

Jess said...

Can I commission you to make me an Odessa in a light pink? I have a kickin' new pink tweed coat, and I totally need a hat to wear with it. I'll pay you for supplies! Please, please, please, please??!

Brown said...

I'm re-decorating (see, the choice of words says I'm not ready to call it a total remodel, because that would take cash I just don't have) but I would walk on burning coals to have some of those tiles as a backsplash behind the sink.

sunny said...

Sue: Man, my life's ambition (as of yesterday) is to make a mosaic coffee table. Really, it's that fun. You should do it.

jess: I want to make you an Odessa SO BADLY IT HURTS. I went to my LYS (Local Yarn Store, not the scary one!) and they didn't have the yarn I need. I'll try some more, be sure.

brown: I would walk on burning coals to be privilaged to be in your house to put some of those tiles on your backsplash. Consider including my airfare as a commission, should you decide to have enough money. For serious.

B said...

I've suggested that she make some that spell out "budweiser" or have the bud select crown made of little stones in the middle and still she scoffs at the mere idea.

I need my beer related memorbilia. :)