Wednesday, February 15

Dear Bruce,

The guy called, he's got a great voice - sort of like that old cowboy at the end of that (some guy named Jeff***) movie where (the guy named Jeff)'s called "The Dude"**? Can't think of the name. Anyway, the guy sounds like a cowboy. Apparently he can't make a 6:30 showing, because he's obligated to be at church (!)*, but I buttered him up a tiny bit and he said that you work long hours (he sounded pleased about that) and that also his wife could possibly show up at church (!) late if we wanted to see it tonight. I told him we'd really try to get there as early as possible - he said they live next door - so that she will probably be able to make it on time to church (!). So, since I told him we would try to make it sometime around 6:15, we should make it around then. Will that be ok? I think that gives us enough time to get out there, don't you? If not, he said not to worry. His wife will go to church (!) late.

Love you,

***HFB is a big know-it-all.

**The Big Lebowski. It took a few hours, but it came to me.

*What churches have services on Wednesday nights? I'm scared it's something scary like.. you know.. Jehovah's Witnesses or something. And they live next door! Aaaargh! But he sounded nice, seriously.


HappyFunBall said...

Just one thing, and I'll go away.

Jeff Daniels: Whiny cheating Mr. Annoying-Pants hubby in Terms of Endearment.

Jeff Bridges: Whiny cheating Mr. Yummy-Pants disc jockey in The Fisher King.

Going away now.

Anonymous said...

i think the cathlics have service on wednesday night.

sunny said...

HFB: Well. If I had seen either one of those movies, I think that might just have cleared something up for me. Am I right? As it is, I'll just generalize some more. Hopefully that'll do it.

Manda: Hi! I think you guys must do things a little differently down here. Where I'm from, catholics only had mass on Sundays (or Saturdays, sometimes. If they were lucky). Catholics don't scare me, most of my family are catholics. I went to school with catholics for eight years.

Yeah, back in Wisconsin, the scary churches meet on Wednesday nights. Thanks for clearing that up for me!

B said...

I believe the gentleman with the voice you're referring to is

I'd rent a house from him.