Sunday, February 5

The Missing Pictures from Yesterday's Post

This is the box in which I am keeping the beads.

This is the nelegant yarn.

These are the beads. They are orange, and in the light they shine with a pinkish hue. It's really very pretty. The camera doesn't pick it up completely, but that's ok.

You string the stitch of knitting onto your wire, and then pull the bead through. Stringing the beads takes some doing. I found that the wire inside twist ties is exactly the right size. (Coincidentally, that also happens to be the only wire I have in the house. Ever.)

Don't they look cute together? I'm going for it. Don't look back, that's my motto!

Now all I have to do is find a new home for these fellas:

They used to live in the fairy box.

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Jess said...

Go for it! To hell with what we say. :o)