Friday, February 3

That Girl

I bought myself a present yesterday, but I was afraid to get your hopes up. You see, without Lisa around to really make me excited about some stuff, it takes a while for me to get motivated. Like when I dye my hair. Here's a before shot of the color (taken last night):

Here's a picture of the way I figure out which color will work best for me (minus the squatting to see into the hand-held mirror they always put on the second-to-bottom shelf... why is that?!):

As you can tell, I tend to get pretty serious about this part of the decision. Actually, I have no idea why I was making that face. But isn't the color nice? I think it will be lovely.

And here's the picture of the girl that box is going to magically transform me into:

I suppose I can deal with that. Don't hold your breath, though. It usually takes me many moons to actually get around to doing this.


Jess said...

I have many, may things on my to-do list for the weekend. One of them just so happens to be "get haircut." Really, I love getting my hair cut. But, honestly, it takes me FOREVER to motivate myself to do it.

I need one desperately, as it has been a month since my last cut, and I have a very high maitenance hairstyle at the moment.

I need to have the highlights redone as well, but I don't know if I can find anyone in KC that I trust....

Either way, I'll be waiting with baited breath for your transformation. Although, I think you're adorable just as you are.

Lisa said...

That girl is a great choice. I'm sure you'll look wonderful as her. I'm thinking of becoming a new girl as soon as I get my taxes back. I'll keep you posted...and I'll do my best to keep you excited about things from a few states away.