Sunday, February 12

Don't Blink, You'll Miss It

As the dear sweet Abbs mentioned, I promised y'all some pictures, and then didn't come through. In my defense, I was being lazy. But as you can see, today I am lazy no more! Shiny new banner, shiny new colors, and some knittin'. All for your enjoyment.

We've got another processing shot:

As Lisa and I declared, "Mmm.. Frosting!":

Frostingish enough, you think?:

The frosting in the hair:

Today, it looks like this:

At least the roots look a little better.

You can see I did a great job documenting my almost-indiscernable color change. Really, you can hardly tell. I'm so disappointed. My hair used to get really really blond with this crap. What happened? Did I do something to offend the dye-gods? Tell me if you know, seriously. I'd appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

I can see a little bit of a color change! My brassy red has faded alot, I won't be doing that again! So i've figured out that I'm not a big fan of lace. It just isn't turning out right at all. I need to go blog about it. Maybe I'll do that now. Love the Missouri tag! Toodles!

Brown said...

personally, i think the hair looks awesome.