Sunday, February 19

Damned Blackness

So, yesterday I was a little boredish. I knew I wanted to knit, but I wasn't really feeling the knitting bag. (Bye-bye, olympics, I pretty much give up - does anyone know how long the Special Olympics run for? And does having Knitting ADD qualify me?) So of course, I took a gander at the gasp snow outside, and felt inspiration.

This is what I had to get through to start.

This is what it looked like after 30 minutes.

This is what it looked like 30 minutes ago, a mere 24 hours from start to finish. (And hell to the no, I was't knitting the whole time.)

Bruce seems to be overjoyed. There was much bitching (from me) about the boring, invisible stitchy-blackness. And the plain. That didn't go over too well (with me), either. He's been wearing it since the last loose end was woven in, though. So I think he might keep it.

Pattern? London Beanie
Yarn? Wool of the Andes in "coal", 2 skeins. I held the yarn doubled throughout. No stripes. Apparently, stripes aren't manly to my husband, either. Damnit.
Needles? Boye Needlemaster things, only I bought them all seperately. And bamboo DPNs when it got down to the knitty-gritty decreases. (I'm so punny. I suck.)
Alterations? Well, I knit this pattern for my little (big) brother back before Christmas, and I modified it by casting on six more stitches than called for. It turned out fabulous, and both big-headed me and big-headed Bruce liked it roomy. In fact, if you remember correctly, when I first finished the hat for Robby, Bruce tried it on and said, "Hmm. Maybe you could knit me one of those? Only black?" Eventually, I got around to it. I used the same mods on this one.


susan said...

Wow, I am fairly impressed that you're able to just whip up a hat in a day. What a handy skill. :)

sunny said...

Why thank you, Susan! Really, this particular hat requires only the basic knitting skills. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to learn the most basic of skills. The rest really comes on it's own, for serious.