Thursday, February 9

Wandering Hands

Or mind. Something's wandering, that's all I know. I'm sort of flip-floppingly figuring out what I want to knit for the Olympics. And it's in a few days. I'm so so so screwed. If I don't find something I really really want to knit, I'm never going to get through it. I sort of don't want to knit lace, because lace turns into something that goes around your neck, and I don't really have a neck. The less accent to that, the better. Unless it's really freaking cold, and it's not. Everyone is flipping out about the freezing cold weather today, and so I have to wear a jacket to avoid the looks. You know? Otherwise I'm explaining all day long that I'm from Wisconsin and they're all a bunch of pussies. Except I'm too nice to do that, so the tension from wanting to tell them they're all a bunch of pussies and then to yell at the next guy to STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT, I'M NOT THE FREAK IN THIS HUMAN-INTERACTION-SCENARIO, IT IS YOU, FELLA, FOR LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT WHEN I DON'T KNOW YOU FROM ADAM!!!

[panting, I am panting]

Ok, so here's the deal. I just got some yarns in the mail, and I think they might skew my judgement a little bit. Check it out:

They are the most softest, most silkiest yarns you ever did see. If the Linus had his way, he'd be humping them all day long. And he wouldn't ever stop, not even if the fuzzy blue slipper teased him for a million years.

The yarns are 50% merino (which is like, the softest kind of wool ever) and 50% silk. Which might explain the silkiness. I'm no scientist. But aren't they pretty? They are. When I put them together like that, it's sort of an ugly Hornets ripoff, but seperate they're going to be divine. In seperate projects. Of knitting. Which will never be worn together.

Actually, that isn't really the color of the purple/red. This one is more realistic:

And hey! The blue/green looks better than that in person, too. But I have no pictures of it looking right. You'll have to make do with what I show you, though. So, yeah. Looking for a good project for one of those colors.

Any ideas? I have ~280 yards of the purple/red, and ~320 yards of the blue/green. No scarves!


Jess said...

You could make some more mitts from the blue. Totally punk rock.

Other than that--I would suggest socks. Because I love socks. Especially socks in totally crazy colors. And those socks would kick some ass.

Of course, you could always go the bikini route.

sunny said...

I would love socks that would be so freaking soft, but you know what? I have a feeling they would wear out in about 4 minutes. Because they would be so soft. I could make more mitts...

I'm not knitting something as depressing as a bikini for me for a while. That involves measuring, and I'm pretty sure I couldn't take that. :)

Lisa said...

That is some good looking yarn. Jesse Thompson had a hornets jacket a long time ago. Those are the colors gone not quite right. I hear ya about the jacket thing. People need to travel a little further north to truly realize what cold is.

Anonymous said...

I am trying lace for the first time. No scarves. I'm not a scarf kind of girl either, it is a wrap. I LOVE WRAPS! Because alot of my shirts are those dumb ass 3/4 length sleeves and my armes get chilly. Here is the link to the wrap I picked. I looks like a decent pattern. Easy, but not too easy.
I'm switching up the pattern some, using a different type of yarn and a different size needles, so it should be interesting how it turns out.

susan said...

I know almost nothing about knitting, but those colors are pretty. :)