Friday, February 17

Today is a New Day

Hello! I have a new book! I've been reading the book, and the book is good. It has many many wonderful pictures and stuff. I want a sweater. I want a sweater just like this sweater and like this sweater. I think I want mine to be more of a paprika color, though (orangish, not greenish) although I love the greens those girls were knitting in. I know they live, in all reality, many miles from me, but some part of me thinks that they will both feel like three green hourglass sweaters from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts will, in fact, be one too many, no matter how far away I live. Because I'm paranoid like that. You know me. Plus, I have a feeling that the reason I love the sweater in green so much is that there are two already, and I love the sweaters and how they look on those two people. So orange it shall be! Eventually. I will be using Paton's Classic Merino, just like Carrie did, although my large will probably take more than her small did, hahaha.

Here's the book:

And it is fantastic.

Lookie here:

We have a houseguest! Welcome, Mac!

Notice how the Linus automatically gravitates to sniffing shoes. It's like a Linus' version of sniffing a crotch.

He's not too excited about the book, though.

I care not for your bookish delights.

Also, here is the duplex that we're praying (to the Gods of Boxed Wine and Keystone Light) for:

If you feel generous, you can pray to your various Gods for us, too.

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