Wednesday, December 22

All I Wanted for Xmas

Was to get this freaking tooth out of my head.

I think that deep down, every single girl has a secret fantacy of some sort, involving her lying prone and having people wait on her, while she looks faint and smiles beautifically.

In theory, this idea rocks. I want people to wait on me hand and foot and bring me stuff and ask me how I'm doing every 4 minutes. I want them to have chocolates and flavored coffee and presents and back massages, and I want them given to me with smiles and songs and all five seconds before I open my mouth to ask for them. Isn't that what being sick is all about?

Unfortunately, I've never been the delicate sick type. When something is laying me up, it really incapacitates me. I guess what I mean is.. I'm not the type to lay around when things are just a little wrong. By the time that I'm actually admitting to not feeling the hottest, I'm past the point where chocolates in bed will cheer me up. I really need to start taking advantage of the semi-sick times, otherwise I'll never get to fully appreciate being ill.

The romanticism of being laid up on the couch disappears some when all you can find the energy to do is whine with increasing volume, "It Huuuuuuuurrrrrrrtsss!"


Jay said...

My sister is the greatest at that! Just yesterday I was tickling her head and bringing her juice while she lay stretched out on the couch, soaking in all the attention.
I'm not saying it was romantic.
No, nothing like that.
Oh boy.

Miss Wired said...

There's this essential oil you can get called "Clove Oil". It's a natural anaesthetic. It also smells pretty nice too. Put it directly on the offending hurty bit.