Wednesday, December 22


It's coming early to Me and B.. specifically.. TONIGHT!

I have to go outside and get his presents and his special wrapping paper out of my trunk, and make his stuff look Way More Awesome than it actually is. It shouldn't be hard, I'm a good wrapper.

Christmas comes early in the Patch this year!


Jay said...

Ooooh this is so exciting!
Happy socks!

inediblehulk said...

Nothing like an early Christmas...provided you still have one on time. Wish I could have 12 days like the person in the song, though I can't see what I'd do with that many birds, the pear tree wouldn't survive, and lords-a-leaping? No thanks. Maids-a-milking, perhaps.

robbodobbo said...

yeah right, you're a better unwrapper than you are wrapper. now eminem, he's a good wrapper.. derr.. rapper.