Tuesday, December 7

Straight From the.. erm, Butcher's Fingers?

Far be it from me, and my (at best, forgetful, at worst, highly insane) mind, to remember exactly how I started going to this particular blog, but it's author really has some great things to say. Just thought I'd share. There is one post in particular which I thought really summed up my ideas on religion.

Oh yeah, the other stuff he blogs about is pretty interesting, too. He's like Pops, with less philosophy. Or less something. Either way, it's a good read, and I thought I'd share.


Pops said...

See how I only comment on posts that include references to me? I'm such a whore.

MPH said...

He's like Pops you say - not interested.

Jim said...

Well, I'm like Pops but 12 years older, but the ravages of time have worn off some of the rough edges, leaving me wiser and better-looking.

(Heh ... I've never met Pops and I'm already giving him a bad time.)

Thank you for the kind reference, Sunshine! For the record, my blog's URL is www.meatofthematter.blogspot.com (sans the "the").

I'm glad you liked my post. That particular post lost me one of my old friends. A shame. :/

sunny said...

No matter, Butch. Pops gave himself a bad name ages ago. And he's ugly--we've established that. Enough about Pops.. what are these errors of which you speak? I see no errors.

(whistles nonchalantly)

sunny said...

Also, MPH: You almost gave me a heart attack. Since when do you comment on my blog?

And Pops: Yes, you are a whore.

Butch: Very sorry about your friend.

Gama said...

Sunny thanks for the blogs, I really enjoyed them :)

Pops said...

Like me, MPH only posts when the subject is Pops. It's disconcerting, but I've grown accustomed.

And thanks for the ugly comment, Sunny. I was threatening to have a good day, but you fixed it for me.