Wednesday, December 15

Stupid Question:

Apparently today is the day for doing things I've been putting off for a while. I just posted an update on B and the Mrs, and now I'm about to place a call to Planned Parenthood.

Here's the problem: I've always had a slight issue figuring out what to ask people like them. Do I call and just say what I need? Should I play dumb and ask them how to go about getting put on birth control? Or should I be straightforward? I always lean twards playing it stupid, because that way, I don't get all puffy-chested over misinformation. Also, I've got a strange fear that if I tell them the truth (that I just moved down here) that they won't let me use their services. I realize that PP is hardly a heartless organization, and that they really want to help people out, but I can't help but feel as though I'm walking on thin ice when I talk to them. They seem almost too good to be true.

Especially here, where they don't require a pelvic exam to provide a person with birth control (it's called HOPE--Hormones with Optional Pelvic Exam). SCORE!


B said...

Man, you change blog templates like you change underwear (every few weeks....gross, i know) - but I like this one. Good to know you aren't too puffy chested.

Anonymous said...

be completely honest with them. that is what they are there for. i've gone to the one in springfield and here. they don't judge people at all. i'm confused about the "puffy-chested over misinformation" so this may not be what you're asking about. if you've never had an exam GET ONE. i can't stress that enough.

back to PP, you are living in a town with billions of college students and they are aware of the activities going on. they hand birth control out like candy. you are now living with someone and getting married they will be thrilled. take B along and he can get some test done. that's the best part of going, the waiting room is filled with nervous boys.

sunny said...

Okay, I called them today, and I've got an appointment for tomorrow at 1:30. They're very reasonable, and when you go in, they ask you many questions about your medical health and family history. I know it's best to get an exam once a year, but I can't afford it--I'll wait until I've got insurance to have that done. Luckily for me, that won't be as far off as I'd previously thought ("never" was how I used to look at it, lol). I've always been a little worried that I wasn't able to have an exam done as often as they prescribe, but as I'm actually *overly* responsible (sexually speaking), I haven't had too much to worry about. As soon as I've got the funds, I'll get myself looked over, you can bet on it. It's funny how the unpleasant things like gyn exams and dental work seem like the bowels of hell when you have to do them regularly, but a bitter form of heaven when they seem beyond your reach.

sunny said...

Oh, and as for the "puffy chest" thing, I was just afraid of seeming too confident in the information I had, and putting them off by being a know-it-all.

Turns out, Nic, it's just as you said, they're obviously very used to girls having sex, even here in Missouri. ;)