Tuesday, December 14


So, today at my brand-spankin' new job, I didn't do my actual job. No, that would have been too pleasant. Today, I spent 6 hours on checkouts.. or I was supposed to. I only did that for aproximately an hour, though, and then focused my time entirely upon putting the shit that people didn't want for one reason or another back in it's place.

Normally, this would have been pleasant, a withdrawl from the monotony of the registers. Today, however, on my 3rd day at the job, it was it's own special brand of hell. Seeing as how I don't know where most of the departments are, nor the general layout of the store yet, it meant that I was wandering around the store trying to find the "homes" for things I'd never seen before. Curiously enough, in this Kmart it's called putting away the "loose" items, as opposed to doing the "shop-backs" as I'm used to. For the first 20 seconds after they asked me, I stood looking at the girl who requested it of me as though I was "differently abled" in the head. What do you mean, you want me to "do the loose"? Luckily, she's probably used to training people even dumber than I, because she was kind enough to explain.

I've got aching feet, an aching back, and my tooth hurts. All but one of them is related to walking aproximately 10 miles around in circles for 6 hours, indirectly due to the fact that I absolutely refuse to ask someone about every single item I'm re-shelving. Does that make me more or less of a moron?

On the upside, I've got a better mind-map of the store now.


nick said...

congrats on the job! it's got to be interesting starting work there so close to christmas. working retail this time of year is draining, but you seem to have the zing to make the best out of it. is this the first year you'll be away from the fam?

sunny said...

Well, yes and no. I've been away from the family before, but I always make it back for the actual days surrounding Xmas. It's a tradition with us, and I'm not going to be the one to catch the wrath for breaking it. Plus, I Just Plain Miss Them. I'm away, but I'm not going to be for long. My job is being nice enough to let me off for the 23-26 so we can drive up.

Bruce will be getting the full effect of my family for the first time ever. He and Robby are going to get along great. :)

B said...

Just wait 'till she meets my people!!!