Friday, December 3

retroCRUSH: The World's Greatest Pop Culture Place

retroCRUSH: The World's Greatest Pop Culture Place: "I'm a super TV theme song junkie and have always appreciated a good tune to set the mood of the show. Over the next few weeks we'll be paying tribute to The 100 Greatest TV Theme Songs. We've used over 2 years of reader feedback, and expert research to come up with a list that you're sure to love with many of your favorites guaranteed to be included. So keep coming back each day for more as we count 'em down to #1! You'll learn about the people behind the songs, and we'll be spreading the retro love and linking up a lot of cool sites that love these songs and shows as much as we do!"

HappyFunBall put up a link today, and one of the links on that page led me to this, which I thought my readers might enjoy.

Also, I have something to add to my "I-Want List". Dark Shadows. I want the series. Did anyone else used to watch that? I spent a whole summer (I believe it was 12, otherwise known as the "Bad-Perm Summer", also dubbed "I Scare My Friends") watching Dark Shadows and Bob Ross. Please buy me my (old) friends for Christmas.

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B said...

I want the bob ross box set. They have one of those?

Anyway, do you mean the new dark shadows or the old one? I remember watching the newer one first and then seeing the older one on cable somewhere. Creepy fun.