Monday, December 6

Happy Birthday Kamden!

Wow, who would have guessed at 4:30 yesterday, while we were heading over to Mac's house for some wings, that when we came back home we'd have witnessed the miracle of birth? Sure, the odds got better when you knew Pam was waiting to pop, but all-in-all I guess I thought it'd take longer than it did. Great job, girl!

I guess we didn't so much "witness" it (thank the stars) as "stand outside in the hallway during" it. We're not complaining.

Baby was 2lbs, 13oz at ~7:40 last night. 24 inches long, too. Doctor said he's strong, a fighter, and that's awesome. He's going to be in the hospital until he's aproximately 4lbs--they want to make sure that he's breathing perfectly and eating with no troubles before they let him go--maybe he'll be there into Februrary. They're taking all precautions, he's in very good hands.

Congrats to Mac and Pam on the beautiful baby boy. Try not to spoil him too much, and for godssake let him learn to talk before you start teaching him to type!


Gama said...

Congartulations Mac and Pam!
from a complete stranger :)

B said...

We almost did "witness" when we walked around the corner and almost entered the room. Thank goodness you went in first. Congrats to P&M on a wonderful baby boy!