Wednesday, December 22

You'd Better Watch Out...

Someone who shall remain nameless is out using the last portion of his lunch break to buy me some socks.. ahem.. I mean, a surprise Christmas present.

I'm a little excited, I have to admit. It's been a long time since I've had a special person in my life to get me socks.. ahem.. a surprise Christmas present. Years. Years upon years. I've never looked forward to socks..

Alright already, you get the joke.

I've got 2 gifts in the trunk of my car, both of which need to be wrapped. The wrapping paper is out there, too.

So far, I've gotten a few presents for my family, one for my dog, and a couple for Lisa. I need to print out some things to go with these presents, which I really should think about doing before I get to wrapping.

What a lame post.


Jess said...

Isn't wonderful to have someone to buy you socks at the spur of moment? I am so happy for you both. Two wonderful souls deserve such spontaneous gifts of love. :) Merry Christmas!

Jay said...

I don't think I get it.

inediblehulk said...

Come could any post about socks be a lame one? I mean, they're socks! They're...uh...yeah, I guess you're right. Better lame than nothing, though. :)

robbodobbo said...

that was a lame post, sarah. way to deflower the schuettpelz name. oh well, it must make up for the flowering (pansy) i put in.