Friday, December 17

Heap big drinky last night.

No more Mad Dog 20/20. It might have tasted a little like grape juice at the time, but I don't think it was as good the second time around (must ask Lil Nick for confirmation). Bleh, me no likey worky after heap big drinky. Especially at new job, where have to Act Responsible, so that they don't suspect that I'm a freak on wheels. Nice work lady bought me breakfast sammich, yummy. B was right, I feel better after eating something just now. Mmm, bean dip.

What's up with "nuke" in reference to a microwave? As in "The bean dip? Oh, just nuke it for a minute or so, it'll be fine." How did "nuke" become the verb to use in conjunction with the microwave? Is it sad 70's slang that I use accidentally (damn you and your Old Slang, Mom!)Where did that come from? Was it a cold war thing? Is it just my mom who says it? If so, then disregard that. For some reason it just struck me as strange and I want to know the answer.

Last night was pretty awesome, I must say. Here I thought it was turning into a quiet evening, and all of a sudden it exploded in a breathtaking shower of alcoholic goodness. Much Fun Was Had. Much Talking Was Done.

Man, even now, after the hangover has passed me by (I think that nonsense at the beginning of this post was the last wave of it) the MD makes me cringe.

Other than that, though, things are looking up for the weekend. B and I are going to head down to the japanese gardens tomorrow morning, and then Pam and I are going shopping. I Really Need to get something for Bruce, and I'm not really sure what it's going to be yet. I guess I'll just do it like I do all of my Christmas shopping, wandering around looking at stuff until something strikes me as Absolutely Perfect. I love that feeling.

I already know what we're getting for most everyone else. I've even got an awesome idea for Robby, and I never freaking know what to get him.

What? Oh, you want to know what I'm wanting for Christmas?

I have no clue. Surprise me. I mean a good surprise, not like the mystery bruise on my thigh. Happy surprise, like the lady passing out birth control like candy this afternoon. Good surprise like the no-hastle, no-haggle birth control, please.

Not Ortho-Novum 7/7/7, though, I've got enough of that to last me a year.

Wait, how the heck DID I get this bruise?

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sunny said...

Do you remember when you mentioned the leather zipper mask? I hope so, because you'll be in for a hell of a christmas surprise if you dont....