Friday, December 3

Hint, Hint

Seriously, I can only think of a few things I really want for Christmas.

  • Yarn
  • Craft books
  • Real books
  • Big memory card for camera
  • A pet
  • Stuff to go with a pet

Really, that's about it. I get all crafty in winter, and a project to crochet would be cool, as would the yarn to go with it. We need a memory card for the honeymoon, so we can take stunning pictures of the dolphins swimming with us, and all sorts of other miraculous things. Obviously I want a pet. I can't think of one Christmas yet where I haven't (at least in secret) asked for some sort of pet. If I got one this year, it'd be the first time ever that I've gotten one.

Beyond the list, though, I've always totally loved getting something that isn't something that I've asked for. I love it when someone is out doing their shopping and sees something that spontaniously makes them think of me, and goes with the feeling and buys it. It really makes me happy to think that I'm on someone's mind like that. So bear that in mind, as well, when you're doing the holiday shopping. Alright, enough Christmas talk, I've got to find a job.

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