Tuesday, December 28

Just Call Me Sloth

bruce: so you still want to take a cruise for our honeymoon?
sunnyfnday: yes
sunnyfnday: if we can
bruce: :-D
bruce: ok
sunnyfnday: if my teeth don't require us to get married at a courthouse and then spend the first 19 years of marriage leaching off my parents
bruce: LMAO

Yeah, another tooth is acting up. Actually, all of my teeth are acting up, in some weird protest for the one being gone, they're all being bastards. I might have to have as many as 3 worked upon in the near future. Depending on how long I can stand it.

I spent last night in a tizzy, crying over the idea that instead of having my beautiful wedding on the beach at sunset, Bruce would say, "I quit!", leaving me to move back in with my parents, while he finds someone who's not falling apart by the freaking teeth to decide to be with forever.

(deep breath)

As of this morning--after sleeping for 11.5 hours after sobbing myself to sleep over that insane idea, and waking up with a cold (and I'm not even PMSing!)--I'm a little less inclined to believe that he would leave me over something trivial like teeth.

I did, however, take measures to avoid that potential situation. I did mountains of laundry and general cleaning up today, trying to guilt whatever ideas of leaving might be in his head into disappearing forever.

He might be able to find a girl with better teeth, but a girl with better teeth who's willing to clean and do laundry when she's sick? I think not.


B said...

It's going to take more than a random tooth problem to get rid of me. Try a third arm or leg, then we'll talk. :)

LostNotFound1980 said...

Awww... It will be okay! Your mouth can be fixed and maybe better than it was before. You know like a super sonic robo teeth of death or something. :-) Yay!

blues mama said...

Extra appendages could be a problem, but then again...love can conquer some pretty amazing things. On our Christmas road trip I got an upper respiratory infection, double ear infections, and pinkeye in both eyes - with one of them turning almost perfectly red and swollen shut like Rocky's when he's begging his coach to cut him so he can see.

And yet somehow, my man still loves me.

As long as I'm wearing my sunglasses, of course.