Wednesday, December 8

My Brother

(Wherein we discuss pizza, his try-outs for a solo in choir, and poop.)

rObStEr: i ate too much pizza
sunnyfnday: mmmm pizza
rObStEr: no more talk about it
sunnyfnday: :-(
rObStEr: i didn't get a solo.
sunnyfnday: why not?
sunnyfnday: fuckers
rObStEr: i know
rObStEr: seniors did
sunnyfnday: bastard seniors
sunnyfnday: what the fuck they need a solo for anyway?
sunnyfnday: not like they're going to learn anything from it that they can use in their real, grown-up lives
rObStEr: true
rObStEr: and they all suck
rObStEr: gah
sunnyfnday: well, chin up
sunnyfnday: we both know you're better than those jackasses
rObStEr: honey thank you so much
rObStEr: you know what to say
sunnyfnday: yes
sunnyfnday: we'll beat them with hockey sticks
rObStEr: see ya later
rObStEr: it's poop time.
sunnyfnday: LMAO
rObStEr: is away at 5:26:39 PM.


Jess said...

Reading that makes me miss my sisters. Especially in connection with the fact that T just IMed me to ask if I knew what her clever new Spanish phrase meant...It translated to "you pitch a tent in my pants." Oh, how I miss my sisters.

sunny said...

Jess, I completely understand. No one can understand and appreciate the absurdities of one's humor like ones' siblings. I will always love my brother unconditionally for the honesty he brings me, and will always subject my new friends to the test that he inspires.. if you don't feel comfortable being blunt, what's the point?