Tuesday, December 28

Reggie White

Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before:

"Last night on SportsCenter, they opened the show with the Reggie White story and said, 'The NFL and the world suffered a great loss today...'

The world? This is on the same day where over 20,000 people died from a tsunami. Sure, the guy was a minister and I'm sure did a lot of nice things for people. But the world? I bet there are many countries where not one person knew of Reggie White.

'Did you see that wave yesterday? Something else, huh?'

'Yes, I lost my family and my entire village. But at least we still have Reggie White, the great defensive lineman.'

'Oh my, have you not heard? He passed away yesterday.'


What a riot. Although for those of us Wisconsinites with relatives named after him, it's a little more heart-wrenching. Still, though, one has to wonder about our priorities sometimes.

I bet my dad almost cried.

Shitty thing about that big ol' wave, too, eh?

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