Wednesday, December 15

Mommy Dearest

I can't wait to go home for Christmas. It'll be 3 days of reminding myself why it's great not to live at home anymore (again). I miss them terribly, but there are a few things I've gotten used to in a very good way.

For example, my mom wants me to call my grandma on the phone, and whine to her about not spending any time with her, so that she cuts back her stay at the Evil Auntie's house. I'm supposed to do this under premise that I'll spend loads of time with her if she's not at EA's house, which is frankly a lie. I'll probably spend 1/2 hour talking to grandma, whether she goes to EA's house or not. I'm not looking forward to getting involved in all sorts of family drama over my 3 day vacation.

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B said...

I think it'll be interesting