Thursday, December 30

Day From Hell: Part 37

So my day sucked. Here's a random sample of sucky things that happened today:

  • Pharmacist thinks I'm ridiculous and stupid because I don't understand Missouri insurance companies, even though this is the first time I've worked with them.
  • Pharmacist doesn't use traditional english to request things [eg: "Get me that thing I wrote on" = "Put that bottle away", and "Talk to them about how to fix this" = "Take down this number and call it, only to have them tell you it's the wrong number, and then call the correct number and explain to them the situation, and field the 'Wow, poor stupid you!' comments that Pharmacist should be recieving"]
  • Man almost had heart attack sitting outside the window. Man is ~3,000 years old, and in front of a line of 30 people, taking 1/2 hour to write a check, when he complains to me of chest pains. After he sits down and we get an OK from his Dr's office to fill his Nitroglycerin, I tell Pharmacist to watch out, because he's sleeping. She asks me, "Are you sure he's not dead?" Thanks for the panic attack, Pharmacist. It's what I really needed to top my day off.

One good thing that happened though:

  • I called Robby "bitch cream" and he thinks it's pretty durn funny.

Now I'm off to Mac and Pam's to have them cook me dinner. Bruce will be joining us after his own Day From Hell.

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