Wednesday, December 15

The Holidays Cometh

Here it is, the middle of December, and I've yet to update Mrs. B. This will be my attempt to catch everyone up on the facts:

  • I moved from Shawano, Wisconsin to Springfield, Missouri on the 6th of November.
  • We settled me in, moving my things to appropriate places in the domicile, hanging (all but 2 of) the pictures I had brought and going grocery shopping to compensate for the fact that my diet expands beyond ramen (not that I don't love ramen as much as the next guy, but...).
  • I spent a few weeks agonizing over finding a job that would fit what I was looking for, ending up alarmingly close (nearly mirroring, actually) the job I'd just moved away from. Pharmacy technician seems to be my fall-back occupation now. I have to say, it's a step up from "cashier" or.. well, "cashier" seems to cover everything on my resume. In any case, I'm pretty darn happy that I got the job.

That covers much of what I've been doing for the past month-point-five. Sorry for not keeping the blog up-to-date, but I'm generally pretty lazy. To make up for it, here's a list of what's to come in the next 2 weeks. It might not seem like a big deal, but it's the first time I'll be sharing any of this with Bruce, and that makes it extremely special to me:

  • Christmas cards.
  • Christmas-present-buying.
  • Drive to Wisconsin to spend holiday with my family (Bruce and Robby meet!).
  • Drive back.
  • Figure out what to do over New Years.
  • Have Sean spend some time at the apartment (Sarah and Sean meet!).

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