Thursday, October 7

Dad's Drugs

Dad had a stroke last year, and since then, has been on a few medications. I wasn't working in a pharmacy back then, so I didn't take offense at them being sent to Walgreens. Now, however, I'm a little perterbed. I tried convincing him that it would be a good idea to switch to my pharmacy a few weeks ago, to no avail.

Dad: "Walgreens is closer."

Me: "By 3 blocks!"

Dad: "Still, that's three blocks!"

Me: "Aaargh!"

So imagine my surprise when, yesterday morning, he came at me with the "I'm a poor, pathetic puppy-dog, so go out of your way to do me a favor, please?" look in his eyes. He wanted me to fill his prescriptions at work, and bring them home for me. He went so far as to write out a check. Even addressed to MyPlaceofEmploy, this is HUGE. Dad doesn't give out money. Period. I was thrilled.

So naturally, I went to work, determined to a) have the pharmacist request a transfer of prescription from Walgreens (Take that, Stuart!), and b) get some insider information on his prescription drugs. I managed to do both.

Turns out that both of the first drugs are used to treat (surprise, surprise) high blood pressure, and to lessen the risk of another heart attack or stroke. One of them, however, is Aceon, and I talked to Hank about it, and Hank said that he couldn't think of a reason why my dad would be on brand-name medication, rather than the generic drugs that do the same thing - lisinopril, captopril, etc. I told my dad this, thereby sealing my place as the #1 favoritest, bestest ever daughter for all of time. No matter how gay my little brother gets.

I looked up Plavix in The Pill Book, and it was listed as being used for "the treatment and prevention of gential warts, blah blah blah, I didn't register any of this because I was grossed out beyond belief." Oh, thank pete. I was looking under the wrong section. Plavix is another one in the same category as the first two. Phew.


retarius said...

hey, thanks for the verbose and insightful comment you left on my blog. sorry about your dad, but you seem to be pretty kick ass. i hope i have a daughter as cool as you are when i am old and in need of help. stop by anytime. cheers.

sunny said...

Thanks for all the hefty compliments, dude. Happy to entertain. Cheers.