Friday, October 1


He's coming home for the weekend. In a little while, I'm picking him up at the BW3's where I used to work. Excitement!

I just love my little brother!

You should tell me about your siblings.


B said...

I know that you already know my story, but I felt like posting anyway. My brother, Sean, just joined the Army. He is currently in boot camp going on his third or fourth week. He just turned 21 two weeks ago, but as you can guess, no drinking for him. He will be operating a tank when he gets out of boot camp, is what it sounds like. He is a good guy, and I can't wait to see him again. Hopefully that will be in Florida!

inediblehulk said...

OK...this is one of my dumber moments...I was all ready to comment on how I always though your brother's name was Robbie...and then it hit me. Rather hard. Anyway, I'm here now, so may as well write least you didn't have me figured for a genius beforehand.