Friday, October 8

Old Car

I just cleaned out my car, the one I'm not going to be driving anymore. I'm sad to say that I had a LOAD of incomprehensible junk in there.

Clothes. [a pair of shorts, a tank top, a pair of underwear, two pairs of socks, my favorite sweater jacket, a hooded sweatshirt, a light jacket that says "Larry" on the left breast, a pair of pants.. the socks were clean, mind you. They were emergency-I-need-socks-for-work-and-I'm-late socks.]

Reciepts [grocery store (aproximately 5,000), gas station (aproximately 50,000), and liquor store (aproximately 5,000,000).]

Beverage Containers [cans (8), 20 oz bottles (20), and 2 liter (one, it was circa 2001, free with a pizza once. Most of them were 1/2 full, the 2 liter still sealed. I threw it away, fearing for my life if it was opened.]

Tent [one, neatly folded in the box, forgotten since 2 summers ago, had wondered where it was for almost that long.]

Board Games [two, only one of which was in the box.. the other was strewn about my trunk.]

Pens [30.]

Air Fresheners [3. One on the floor, soaked full of unnamed substance, two hanging from the rearview, which had been there when I got the car.]

Coins [$3.46 worth.]

Cigarette Packs [300. All on the floor. All empty. Some from before I quit. More from after I re-started.]

Cases of Beer Bottles [3. Two non-returnable boxes, empty. One box of returnable bottles, 1/2 of which are missing.]

Fast Food Remnants [too numerous to count.]

Please tell me about some gross stuff in your car, so that I don't feel so bad!


B said...

Thats pretty scary. When you clean out your car and find things you cant recognize, its never a good thing. Reminds me of the car I just got rid of.

My old saturn was a trooper, although it was stinky. When I cleaned it out for the last time, I found an old cup full of coke that had spilled out and soaked the floor in the back and beneath my seat. It took it two weeks or so to dry, and this was during the hottest part of summer in Missouri. I would come out to the car and find the windows fogged up. People wouldn't ride with me anymore. When I cleaned it out, I found this as well as old half hamburger and what looked like a little bit of milkshake. I'm sure it contributed to the smell. Socks were in mine as well, but they werent clean. Needless to say, I threw most everything away other than a santa hat I found in the trunk. Ah, the memories.

Fromage de Merde said...

Out here people tend to break into my car at night and sorta live in it. Well, I guess break in is strong wording because the lock on the passenger side doesn’t work from the first time it was broken into, but anyway back to the point at hand, in the morning when I go to work there are forty ounce malt liquor bottles, Macdonald’s wrappers and even the occasional hypodermic needle or two strewn about the interior! Yeah, kinda scary! But what’s really the worst is when they’re still in the car and I gotta toss them out and sometimes as you can well imagine they aren’t so agreeable or coherent or even bathed! And unfortunately shooting them isn’t allowed not to mention the mess it would leave on the upholstery or the noise at that time in the morning! So a clean pair of sox, no problem!

sunny said...

Ok, you win. Syringes and stinky homeless junkies are definately grosser than socks.

Note, though, that the socks were clean at one point. I know this because, although they were sticky and brown, the were folded.

Girl Friday said...

I just had a look in my car for you and I found my hair mixed in with dog hairs, gonna clean it up today and make a rug for the back seat out of it, there's enough of the stuff I'm ashamed to say... thank you Sunny for inspiring me to clean my car!