Wednesday, October 6


I love my dad. Here is a situation that presented itself today. I was about to take a shower, when I realized he was in the basement.

Because he was in the basement, I decided to wash my hair, instead of taking a whole shower [the shower is located in the giant room of a basement, and I didn't want to make him move]. I went down there and quietly collected my shampoo and conditioner, when all of a sudden the TV caught my attention..

TV: "And we'll give him some fine blond highlights, to make his eyes stand out and..."


Dad: [not realizing anyone was in the basement, jumps a mile out of his seat] "What? WHAT? Huh? [realizing I was there] "Uh, nothing, it was just on... I swear!"

Me: "Oh, ok.. [runs upstairs and tells mom that dad is watching man-makeovers all by himself, has good loong laugh with mom about it].

My dad is so male. That's what makes this hillarious. Wonder if he's strategizing eye-enhancing highlights for his balding do? I'm sure it'd make him oh-so-attractive [at least to the metrosexuals teaching at the Shawano-Gresham School District. Don't laugh, I went to school there, I know for a fact that there are some].

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B said...

Honestly, even the most male sort of men want to look their best. It's amazing what a few highlights can do to complete the look, lol. ;)