Monday, October 11

Monday Night Football

It's cold (well, chilly) up here tonight, and that's great. Those Titans won't know what hit 'em.

I've got taco dip to make, and stalkers to aid tonight, so things are going to be pretty quiet on the Sunny front this evening. Make merry amongst yourselves, won't you? Not merry enough to make me jealous, but enough to know that, although things are super-fun, they'd be way better if Sunny were around.

Gave the cat a bath. Well, Dad gave the cat a bath, I had the other honor. Trying to dry the cat. It was an effort, let me tell you. He didn't like the towel especially much, and the hair dryer is the Spawn of Satan. It was trying to tempt him with it's warm air, making him cozy.. but he's too smart for that ploy. He knew that as soon as he relaxed, it would gobble him up. Now I'm the enemy, for attempting to feed him to the Leaf Blower From Hell. Oh well, he'll dry.

In the meantime, Go Pack!


Anonymous said...

Well, I did not realize that someone else had put a link to my blog on their blog. Thank you very much. Now I have promise another person. With regard to your previous post about favorite TV shows, I will join the fray late:

Favorite of All Time: Buffy the Vampire Slayer


The Wire (my favorite show currently on air)
The Sopranos
The Simpsons
The A-Team
Greatest American Hero
The Incredible Hulk
Dukes of Hazzard
Law & Order
Homicide: Life on the Street
The Shield
News Radio
The Daily Show
Sports Night
Without a Trace
Arrested Development
King of the Hill
Night Court

Honestly, the list is endless

B said...

The Titans got lucky - next week will be better for the Packers!

inediblehulk said... there's a sport that could use a lockout...but to each their own.

B said...

If the gods above are shining down on us, we will have NHL games before January. Let us hope - I'm ready for some hockey, but I think maybe I'm being optimistic. It's looking like no season this year, and if they really want to be punks about it, no season next year either. Might have to get interested in a new sport, like bowling or something.