Saturday, October 9

Yesterday afternoon, on my break from work, I went out to my car. As I stopped, and was about to unlock the door, I looked up into the sky. The clouds were moving very fast. It was a quiet fall moment, when I felt completely connected. The wind was rustling the trees, and the air was fluttering. It was beautiful.

As I sat in my car, listening to my radio seemed to be breaking that connection I had felt. I turned it off - I know that that isn't something I'd be capable of doing just a few months ago. It doesn't seem right, to not want the music around me, but I did it anyway, and it was entirely worth it. Watching the clouds, listening to the leaves and the wind was so incredible.

On my way back into the building, as I watched the clouds (they were going in the same direction as I was), I noticed they were moving slower. I stopped, and got a few seconds of light vertigo as they sped up. It was silly, and I laughed at myself for doing it, and for the sensation it created. Wonderful. A girl was watching me, and she saw me laugh at myself. She shot me a grin, letting me know that she was in on the joke.

If anyone's in the mood for some inspiration, check out LH. It's very uplifting.

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