Monday, June 28


instead of freaking out this morning, i should have gone with my instincts. i should have realized that i've been honest (to the point where most people would find a fault, even, and there's no reason to stop being so now.

actually, rather glad i was honest, and wrote that first entry-of-today when i did, before i got reassured. it's honest, too. (has anyone else reading this blog noticed that i'm actually learning a little teensy bit of html? that's a joke, you know.. i think only one person reads this blog. if it's not you, don't pretend it is. most likely that the one person who does, is the only person doubting that it's them that i'm talking about - also the only one to understand that - the joke refering to a sarah-ism i had a while back, in which: whilst in a conversation with only one person (besides myself) i say, "Am i the only one in this conversation who...?". because i think it's funny, and because i love/hate it when they use things like that to over-dramatize conversations in movies. also, a joke because i read my own blog, and while i don't think anyone else reading this blog finds it odd to do so, i have no doubt that there are some people out there who neverever read theirs. yes, i realize it's silly to make jokes and then explain them to people. i should also add, "taking longer to explain something than it takes for people of average intelligence to understand it without help" to my "i'm very good at:"'s).

that being said, i'm insane again, and paranoider than when i started this damn update, lol. i went over my first conversation ever with someone, and realized that i very much AM arrogant. also that he should be, too.

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