Saturday, June 26


i always thought i hated the color pink. then, last weekend, i bought a hot pink tank top, and hot pink shoes to match, and enjoyed them so much that i bought a hot pink purse (with the current "first intial" craze emblazoned on the front). i'm climbing out of my shell, and noticing that my skin is hot pink. slightly disturbing.

have you ever met someone, and gotten along with them so well, you're just waiting for a bomb to drop?

i am very picky about the details in my life.. food, clothes, products. i've got a very finite sense of what i like, and what i dislike, and i dislike to stray from those standards. once and a while, i'll try something new, but more often than not, i'll end up going right back to what i usually use/wear/do.

OMG, i'm going to have a whole herd of cows about this. it's personal, and i didn't want to share it here, so i'm going to. i've lost a bit of weight, but it doesn't seem to me to be as much as my mom (or other people) seem to think it is. so imagine my surprise, when standing up from the toilet yesterday, i saw a STRETCH MARK on my hip. it's not like i bumped into something, either, there's one on either side. when did those crop up? i just barely got rid of the ones i got in puberty! now, by the time i get to skinny (or acceptable, at least).. i'll be unable to bare myself in public.

there is no god.

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