Tuesday, June 29


i sort of hope that's what i was just doing, because otherwise, i missed a lot of conversation. completely garbled, it's like someone had their cell phone in their pocket, and what i was listening to was one side of an animated story, with just a little bit of music thrown in at the end, for intrigue. maybe my phone is just possesed.

one time, a friend of mine who i don't talk to on a regular basis, called me, on accident. when i realized that the reason he wasn't answering me was because he wasn't intending to call me, i tried a few times to get his attention.. "TODD!!.. TODD!" it didn't work, and i didn't feel as guilty as i probably should have, if i were a person with a high sense of morals. as it is, my morals bend a little bit, when i get really curious, for instance. plus (as i reasoned at the time), if you really don't want me to listen in on your conversations, you should learn about the keyguard function on your phone. now, i don't think that excuse would apply, but at the time, it was applicable to the max.

i'm not feeling as guilty as i should be. either i was hearing a really long conversation in a very garbly way, or it was an accidental eavesdropping that i couldn't understand. it's funny, the things that are able to brighten your day.. even the ones you can't even begin to explain.

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