Sunday, June 27

A few things to add:

when we first got there, i was looking around, and saw someone i thought i recognised as one of the guys who's job i have now. after a few attempts to talk to him (he was really VERY drunk, i'm not totally sure he comprehended english at first, and one time, he thought that my lower-your-head-cause-you-can't-hear-me-up-there-cause-you're-tall-and-i'm-short gesture meant lunge-down-at-me-and-make-out-with-me,-you-smelly-beast-of-a-man-you, and i totally had to make my escape before things got ugly), we actually did talk, and he is the guy i thought he was. he doesn't seem terribly upset that i have his job now, or gloomy over being fired, but he made a comment that sort of irritated me.. looked me up and down and said, "yeah, but you won't be as good as i was."

OldMan was there, havent seen him since october (at his going away party, i got completely blitzed and let him kiss me. Ew). i was sort of flipping out, as he's supposed to live a couple states away now. lisa remembered, and almost-laughed, so i made her out with her funny thought. she didn't want to, it was "mean" but i told her it was fine. "Well, look on the bright side, he probably doesn't remember you." it IS really funny, but this morning that stings a bit. ah well, i made her say it. i should get over those issues, anyway.

rich, who i worked with an eon ago, when i was still in high school, who now works at a place that i frequent when i'm buying boxes, was there. i've introduced and re-introduced myself to him a few drunken times this year, at the bars, and he always said, "Yeah, i know, i remember," and i never believed him. when i see him and he's working, he usually says, "Hey, girl," or something similar, so i guess i always just assumed he didn't remember my name. not true, haha. he was there, and his face completely lit up when he saw me, and he gave me a hug. very strange. but at least it wasn't a hug-to-fondle situation, just genuine friendly.

ran into jack. stumbled upon him from around the corner of the bar, coming in from outside. i believe my exact words were, "Oh, jesus christ, now i have to put up with you at the bars?! When did you turn 21?" to which his exact words were, "Fuck, they let anyone into this place!" the next time i went outside, he was out there with our friend holly, and the conversation was pretty much the same. holly told jack that he better be nice to me, cause i was sweet, and i told her that it was fine. "Naw, it's ok, we get along great, this is just our particular brand of getting along." jack agreed, and gave me that same look he gives me when we're totally giving each other shit. that was cool. i mean, i've known the conceited little asshole for a year, and nothing has changed in the way we talk to each other. but now, i guess.. i'm a little reassured, deep down. nice to put words to what we do, and have him totally agree, i guess.

did the gum thing, again. no one seemed terribly grossed out when it was resting on my finger, either. didn't even want a smoke - until after flamin joes, then it passed.

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