Sunday, June 27


ok, not completely, but sober enough to completely not-tollerate that guy who kept putting his sweaty arm around me. and non-smoking now, enough to realize that the place totally smells like BO. eventually drunk enough (maybe used to it enough) not to care anymore. totally late at night, totally missed talking to someone i was looking forward to talking to (sorry, i'll catch you tomorrow, i'm sure), and now i've got nothing to show for it except that i hate a few people that i only had a dislike for before.

also, lisa's sister's husband's brother is totally acting weird. he never used to talk to me, now he's being all.. talking to me. sort of creepy.

ooh, danced my little heart out. had FUN. luke is my dancing-drunk partner, at the bar - he's been that and pretty much only that sort of friend for over a year now. we don't ever see each other sober, and when we see each other (drunk), we dance. i don't feel threatened by him, as he's got a bitchy woman at home, and he doesn't feel threatened by me, as i'm pretty sure he's realized i'm perpetually single. so we have dancing fun, and that's all.. only tonight, lisa said that he was following me around.. dunno, i didn't notice. but then, she was drunker than i am. not something you really look for in your ride home.

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