Monday, June 28

Notes to a Blog:

[Referencing B's post about his past, which is something I now feel comfortable doing directly]

- i think at that age, most relationships that actually DO work out, consist of people too boring for the rest of us to understand. purely because the people don't change.. from that point on.
-thank whatever for people who think/make jokes/laugh at the same things i do. don't.. don't overanalyze that sentance, it was meant as a note, which by rights you shouldn't be reading anyway. lol
-one year, or two? i don't think it was a mistake, or a lie, but i'm curious about things i've no business being curious about, as a rule, and therefore want to know how that clarifies. didn't you read about the "inquisitive"? you don't have to tell me.
-i'm laughing, out loud, in my empty house, about the *idea* of that "stunt". i haven't even gotten past the third sentance. ok, now i'm moving on.
-hard to be a sexual loverboy, huh? :(
-lots of guys are dense, girls are used to it (some girls even *gasp* use it to their advantage - that right there? that's not really funny to most guys, i guess. i should stop talking).
-not a good thing, to ask people stuff like that on trips.. unless you're *sure* that someone'll say yes. otherwise.. imagine what the rest of the trip would be like? glad it worked out ok, that was a note for future reference (i should add, "advising people on stuff they didn't ask advice on" to my "i'm really good at:"'s).
-man, that really really sucks :(.
-wow, you're smart.
-and brave
-and happier (that was a guess, lol)
-Hey! i said that. probably you did, too, though. < sigh >
-have you ever thought about people, when they're drunk? have you ever thought that they act the way they really really feel, deep down? i have.. i guess it's why i'm glad that i (and the people i'm usually drunk around) am a happy drunk (and they are, too.. only pluraler).
-complete relief. big sigh of ok-ness. sort of glad i got that other stuff out, just because it was honest, but really very.. content.

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