Tuesday, June 29

hopeful, giddy, and comfortable

those are my adjectives for waking up this morning. i don't know how everyone else (like i really care, ha!) slept last night, all i know is, i had some serious good sleep.

my world is upside down, in a million places, and i think i need some headache medicine, because i'm starting to think of all the stuff involved again, and mostly about how crazy it all is, but it's not going to stop me from shit-eating-grinning like a crazy girl at all of my customers.

i just saw myself in the mirror, and despite being red and itchy, and then stinging for a minute.. my eyes have something there that i didn't see yesterday. to the person who put it there, Thank You. to everyone else? look out for the crazy girl at your local pharmacy. she might just smile you to death today.

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