Wednesday, June 30


i really hate the feeling i get when i'm uncertain. i really like the feeling i get when i'm certain, but still unaware. i hate the feeling i get when i know i shouldn't be wondering, and yet i am. i hate the feeling of knowing i've got no right to be wondering, and i know i'm still doing it. i hate trying to sleep, knowing i don't have any right to be wondering about things that really shouldn't concern me. i hate knowing i'm jealous, and having no real basis for that jealousy. i hate messaging people, when they don't message back. i hate thinking that there's no real reason for me to think they'd message me back. i hate not knowing if it's acceptable to call. i'm going to go upstairs and pretend to be able to sleep. i'll probably call first, and hopefully find a grateful party on the other end. i hope it's acceptable.

1)That post right there makes you more beautiful than I could ever describe. That's all I have to say.
2)I'm of a more stable mind this morning and I still find that to be beautiful, and another sign of traits we share. I felt the need to clarify.
3)you shouldn't have, it's sweet. (me)


sathiyapriyakarthik said...

Hi, how are you?This is my first comment to ur blog

E said...

Incertainty is correct, but life brings such traits to us...Truth can only be found by moving along the paths of uncertainty.

Life finds us such so we are able to complete the cycle. The only thing one is required to do is to seek ones own Truth.

Do what you will with it...