Saturday, June 26

Dreaming on Drugs

this nicotine patch thing is totally whacking out my system when i'm asleep. i don't feel like i'm actually SLEEPING, at ALL, but rather just living a crazier life.. is it sad that even though i'm exhausted most of the day, i'd prefer to keep it on? i want to see what sort of whackiness will ensue in that other life of mine. this is quite possibly the Best Dream Ever:

i was with one of my friends, Jess, i was going with her when she went to talk to Dan (we decided that she had to get the balls up to do so, over dinner last night - she bought, cause she knows i have $0.30 to my name, the sweetheart!). we drove over there, and knocked on the door, he answered and looked terribly happy to see her, just as i'd suspected he would (cause i know everything, in this world).

he took us up to his room. we went in, and all of a sudden, he got all crazy and suspicious, and ran over and closed the closet before (he thought) anyone could see what was in there. but i saw, and it was spiderman, in full costume, hopping around on the closet-walls. quite comical, actually.

Jess didn't notice, of course, and she just thought he was being really.. off and it upset her. so to calm things down, i invited "Jess, you (and maybe a friend, )" over to my house, and told him where it was, so that he could fix things and be normal with Jess.

at the house, we're sitting around, the doorbell rings, and in walks Dan and lo-and-behold, his friend, whom he doesn't introduce.

so we're sitting around the kitchen table, talking, and Jess gets a little too close or is talking weird about something, asking about the friend, she's never met him and is suspicious, etc.. and i save the day, i say, "Oh, Jess.. i've known Peter forEVER, stop being silly" (i know what you're thinking, and yes, it was very heroic.. lol). then i turn to my left, and say, ever-so-smoothly, "So, how has the crime been lately?" Superman (all dolled up in his primary wardrobe, mind you) says, "Really, really very slow.. nothing in a five-mile radius of town!"

at this point both Dan and Spiderman know i'm the best, and awesome, and i think i'm on my way to dating Spiderman, and i wake up.

stupid cat sneezing on me.

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