Saturday, June 26


do you ever feel.. displaced? sometimes, not always, but sometimes, like right now, this minute, i don't really feel real. i feel like something isn't right, like there should be more. i know there's a vast world out there, but sometimes it seems like it's all just.. part of someone else's imagination. like it's not really truly real. and that sometimes, the veil that is the world i see (the veil that is the creation of someone else's imagination) seems thinner, more within my grasp. please, comment on this. i know it sounds insane, but please, if you have an explanation, or if you know why it feels like this for me sometimes, or if you understand what it's like, i'd like to know. at times like right now, it haunts me.

i really want to delete this, and pretend this side of me doesn't exist, and laugh it off as nothing, but i feel like that's the reason i need to post it.

take a deep breath, me, and stop being sickeningly melodramatic. crazy?


1)It doesn't sound insane. I get the feeling that there is more - there has to be more. It's right around the corner, or behind the curtain, always right outside of your reach. I wonder if it is something one could comprehend. Something tells me it is. Sometimes I feel like this is fake and I play a part in it that everyone else understands but me. And they know it. This isn't real and they know it and they will never tell you. How you could even begin to get to the bottom of this kind of thing? I don't know. I'm glad someone else thinks this from time to time, like I do. You're not crazy. At least I don't think so.

2)I didnt sign the above post, so I'll sign now.


3)i'd tell you that you don't know what that means to me, but i get the feeling that you do know exactly how much it means. thanks for letting me know that even though i might be insane, someone out there knows what it feels like. :)


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