Tuesday, June 29


once, there was a little girl, who loved her grandparents very much. they lived close enough where the little girl could see them all the time, but the most specialest time of year was in the summer-time, when she'd get to spend a whole week at their house! Imagine all the fun she could have at their farm, with all those animals, and fun stuff to investigate! she waited all year, for that time, and one year, after she'd grown a bit, and learned a little more about the animals, by watching them, she amazed her grandpa. he came down to the barn, to see what she did in there all by herself, for hours at a time, for days on end, and he was shocked.

in the barn, the pigs were kept. there were only 5 of them, but they'd all been mama's, and the piglets moved from mom to mom, like you see at a buffet. they could do this, because there was a gap, just about piglet-sized, that they could get out of. but the piglets always scattered, when they heard someone coming. they have instinct.. people were loud, and scary.. they'd rather be in with a mama.. any mama, than those scary people.

so imagine her grandpa's surprise, when he went to investigate on the little girl! he walked up to the barn door, to see her sitting, quiet as she could possibly be, quieter than he'd ever seen her before, in the middle of the floor.. with piglets, all around.

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