Friday, June 25

Second Wind

remember how tired i was this morning? can you imagine what i feel like now? i thought not. day 3 at work went something like this, there were several repetitive loops i noticed during the day:

1. Dtrainer peering at me as i screwed up, me telling her that i thought i could do it, just not with an audience, her "completely understanding" and going off to do something else, coming back 2 minutes later and peering, in a loop.

2. Scab Dr. coming up behind me and peering at what i was doing, and teaching me calmly about other, just-as-effective alternatives to the way i was doing things, in a soothing voice, me calming down enough to understand and really GET what he was explaining, just in time for Dtrainer to start smarting off at him for trying to pressure me, him going away, repeat.

3. Due to said above distractions, a couple of the things i had done had a few easily-mended mistakes, and Dtrainer tried to show me how to fix them, breathing too close again. i offered suggestions on what i thought might fix the problem, she'd freak out some more, ScabDr would suggest what i'd just suggested, she'd get puffy and explain why that wouldn't work, ScabDr would go to the other computer and DO it, fixing the problem, and bring over the proof. Dtrainer would "Whew!" loudly, and again, in a loop.

4. Mcashier, older lady, would, every time any of the above would happen, come over and pat me on the back, and smile at me understandingly, which reminded me to take a deep breath, and go at my own pace. repeat.

Dtrainer eventually left, and the whole area gave a huge sigh of relief. high strung? not at all!

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